A long and good relationship with the factory

18.04.1936 was the day when Harald A. Møller could start his own company, Strømmen Auto AS, together with engineer K. Kolberg and diploma engineer J. De Caspary.

The company had the rights for wholesale sales of Dodge and DeSoto passenger cars throughout Norway, and survived the war, along with the dealers, with spare parts sales, car repairs and Strømmen wood gas generators, substitute to the gasoline.  When peace finally arrived, it was clear to Møller and his close colleagues that the screaming need for new cars had to be covered by smaller and less expensive cars for most people.

Investigations in Germany

Beyond 1947 it became apparent that the excavated Volkswagenwerk in Wolfsburg was in an impressive way being rebuilt in order to finally produce the Volkswagen, which was largely constructed before the war.

Harald A. Møller had already seen the car at the Berlin exhibition in 1939, and he was convinced that this could be the car that could bring the company further on in Norway.

Møller was far from the only actor in the Norwegian automotive industry who wanted the Beetle Agency. Møller and his men, however, got good contact with the Volkswagen administration in Germany. In particular, Volkswagen's factory director Heinz Nordhoff and management were concerned with the experience Moller had in passenger cars and services.

If the Dodge initiative and the development of the reseller network before the war had not been so successful, Møller had been out of date in the struggle for the importer role. But both Møller and his men had made a good impression on Volkswagen's leadership, so 21.10.1948 became one of the most important brand dates in the company's history. Then, Harald A. Møller AS became an importer of Volkswagen for Norway, as the seventh importer in the world who had an agreement with Volkswagen.

Just before Christmas 1948, the first advertisement for Volkswagen in Norway was printed in Aftenposten's morning number. The message was as short and consistent as it was sober:

"We have taken over the representation in Norway by Folkevognen. Harald A. Møller AS 

Good and close cooperation

The time afterwards has been nothing but a single long journey in growth, where the good and close relationship with the factory has been decisive for Møller Mobility Group's position in the five countries the company is represented. Important years in this over 80 years of cooperation have been in 1974 where Volkswagen Golf was introduced and Harald A. Møller AS took over Audi imports. In 1992 Harald A. Møller took over imports of Škoda and in 2018 Harald A. Møller AS also resumed the import of SEAT to Norway and is "ready to thrill the Norwegian market" as it is stated in the press release.

In 2009, Harald A. Møller AS imported car number 1 000 000 to Norway, a Volkswagen Golf TDI BlueMotion. It took 58 years to reach the first half million, but only 15 years to reach the next. In 2010, Volkswagen Financial Services becomes new shareholder in Møller Bilfinans and the company changes its name to Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans.

Leading on rechargeable cars

In 2013, Harald A. Møller AS launched Volkswagen e-up! and had in good time a clear ambition to take a leading role at rechargeable cars in Norway. This we have accomplished and with this been the most important market for the factory on electric cars in terms of volume (has taken over half of the production), maturity and not at least knowledge and competence. A good example of this was that the entire new management of Volkswagen passenger car with top manager Herbert Diess and sales and marketing director Jürgen Stackmann headed for Norway, together with 12 colleagues, June 2, 2016 to learn more about the Norwegian electric car adventure.

We are by far the most important learning market for the European plant and have a key voice in the development of the new Volkswagen electric model platform for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, which will come from 2020.

In 2017, Harald A. Møller reached another milestone of imports of one million Volkswagen since imports started late in 1948. In 2017, it was also 60 years since Heinz Nordhoff and Harald A. Møller signed their original contract. Although the importer contract is legally terminated with two years' notice, this whole era is witnessing professional and long-term players with respect for each other and each other's roles.

It is also a testimony that Volkswagen AG sees no better solution than having Harald A. Møller as an importer in Norway. And there is a goal to work towards: The factory cannot imagine any better importer in Norway.