Møller Mobility Group creates value. Our core values will contribute to a valuable relationship with the owners, customers, employees and partners.

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Møller Mobility Group is the leading car group in the Nordic and Baltic countries and we have established ourselves as one of the largest car companies in northern Europe. We will be best and largest in our markets.

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Annual reports

Møller Mobility Group delivered record turnover and very solid results in 2019.

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Code of conduct

Møller Mobility Group has developed its own Code of Conduct to clarify our business guide lines. We have also implemented internal processes to spread the message and established clear routines for Whistleblowing.

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Long and proud history

In 1936, 41-year-old Harald Aars Møller founded Strømmen Auto and lay the foundation for what has grown over the past 83 years into one of Northern Europe’s leading car groups with 4200 employees. Møller Mobility Group’s core operations are the import, sales and service of four strong car brands: Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and SEAT.

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We see the basis for a transport revolution.

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Here you will find our press contact in the Baltics.

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Øyvind Schage Førde

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Møller Mobility Group AS is led by Chairman of the Board, Øyvind Schage Førde, who is the fourth generation of the family to own the business.

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Financial info

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Verdier Paa Rygg

Our core values

Four core values have formed the platform for our growth, development and work since the company was founded. Our core values are strongly anchored in our employees and they are just as relevant in Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia as they are in Norway.

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A long and good relationship with the factory

18.04.1936 was the day when Harald A. Møller could start his own company, Strømmen Auto AS, together with engineer K. Kolberg and diploma engineer J. De Caspary.

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