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MøllerGruppen becomes Møller Mobility Group

The parent company in MøllerGruppen, the leading car group in the Nordics, changes its name to Møller Mobility Group and is preparing for future customer needs.

“We have chosen a new name for a new time. The automotive industry is in big change. We see that digitization, urbanization, sustainability and customer demand for smart mobility solutions will push the development of products and services. We are facing a transport revolution. The new name signals what we think of the future, and it emphasizes our belonging to the Møller family at the same time. In addition, we now have a name that reflects our international foothold, "says Terje Male, CEO of Møller Mobility Group.

Møller Mobility Group AS is the parent company for the Group, which has more than 4300 employees in Norway, Sweden and the Baltic States. With a total turnover of more than NOK 26 billion, the Møller Mobility Group is one of Northern Europe's leading automotive companies. The group's operations include the import, sale and financing of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

The name change comes in the wake of a strategic process where the management and the Møller family have jointly identified the future direction of the group. One of the pillars of the new strategy is the owners' ambition to meet new customer needs while at the same time addressing social challenges, for example, within mobility and the environment. At the same time, it has been important to reflect that the strategy supports the Volkswagen Group's ambition to become a world-leading provider of sustainable mobility.


Petter Hellman appointed new managing director of Møller Bil

Petter Hellman (41) has been appointed to a newly created position as managing director of MøllerGruppen's combined dealership operations in Norway, Sweden and the Baltics.

MøllerGruppen is the largest automotive organisation in the Nordic region, with a total turnover of more than NOK 26 billion and a total workforce of nearly 4,300 employees. The Group's dealership operations currently comprise a total of 68 dealers and over 3,700 employees in Norway, Sweden and the Baltic States.

Petter Hellman has gained extensive professional expertise and broad management experience from 11 years in leading positions in Orkla and has been CEO of Lilleborg for the past four years. Prior to joining Orkla, Hellman worked at Gresvig AS and A.T. Kearney, where he worked with several major retail chains. He trained at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen and The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University in North Carolina.

"The automotive industry is at a giant crossroads, facing challenges ensuing from technological changes, digitalisation and the sharing economy. We have therefore decided to combine all our dealer operations under joint management to increase our ability to change quickly. We have undertaken a very thorough recruitment process, where strong candidates, both from within our own ranks and external candidates, have competed for the job," says Terje Male, CEO of MøllerGruppen.

"We have looked for a leader who can set a course, mobilise, lead change and develop our employees. Petter Hellman has long experience from business and organisational development and restructuring in large, complex structures. He is a talented strategist with the ability to follow through and has an excellent track record from his previous positions. We are very pleased to welcome Petter Hellman to the team," says Terje Male.

"MøllerGruppen is in an incredibly strong position as one of the leading automotive organisations in Northern Europe. The position as managing director of Møller Bil is one of the most important executive positions in the car industry in the Nordic region, and represents a significant challenge with responsibility for 3,700 qualified employees in an industry undergoing massive change. This is a very exciting role that I am looking forward to getting started on," says Petter Hellman.

Terje Male himself will act as provisional managing director until Petter Hellman takes up office, at the latest at year-end.

MøllerGruppen has a total of 68 car dealers in Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Møller Bil Norge is Norway's largest car dealer chain and has 42 dealers and 11 specialised repair workshops throughout the country. Møller Bil Sverige is Sweden's second largest Volkswagen, Audi, Škoda and Seat dealer group and has a total of 12 sales outlets in central Sweden. Møller Auto Baltic has 14 sales outlets in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


MøllerGruppen adopts new management structure for its retail business

MøllerGruppen, one of Northern Europe’s largest car dealers, is implementing a new management structure in order to create a more robust organization.

The MøllerGruppen retail chain comprises 68 car dealerships and 14 specialist repair/paint shops. It employs more than 3,700 people across Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

- The automotive industry is undergoing massive change. The changes are happening at a fast pace, and factors such as digitalisation, electrification, the sharing economy and, in the longer term, self-driving cars, will have an impact on the sector.  MøllerGruppen currently enjoys a very strong position in the market. The company has seen outstanding growth and is now one of Northern Europe’s leading car distributors. For us to remain the largest and the best in our markets, we have to get better at adapting quickly, says MøllerGruppen CEO, Terje Male.

MøllerGruppen will be implementing a new management structure for its dealerships in order to boost co-operation and exploit synergies across all five countries.

- We have now established an overarching leadership structure across Norway, Sweden and the Baltic states. A managing director for the entire dealership operation will be appointed who will be in charge of five regions and shared functions for the Second-hand cars, Aftersales, Real estate and Business development, and Marketing, says Terje Male.

Five new regional directors
The new managing director – who has yet to be appointed – will have five new regional directors working under them.

Kenneth Snarli (49) will be in charge of Central and North West Norway, which covers Møller Bil dealerships in Hedmark, Oppland, Trøndelag, Molde and Ålesund. Snarli began his career at MøllerGruppen in 1997 and has held several key management roles, most recently that of general manager of Møller Bil Oslo Vest.

Stein Are Olsen (42) will be in charge of Western Norway and Vestfold, which covers Møller Bil dealerships in Bergen, Rogaland, Haugesund and Vestfold. Olsen joined MøllerGruppen in 2000. He is currently general manager of Møller Bil Tønsberg and has previously been director of logistics at Harald A. Møller AS.

Arne Lyslo Kristiansen (53) will be in charge of all Møller Bil dealerships in Greater Oslo. He has been director of Aftersales Services at Harald A. Møller AS since 2015. He has previously held a number of key management roles at Bertel O. Steen.

Stein Ivan Solbakken (49) will remain in charge of MøllerGruppen’s Swedish operation, which currently comprises 12 car dealerships and employs more than 650 people.

Pål Syversen (60) will be in charge of MøllerGruppen’s 14 dealerships in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which employ a total of 600 people. Pål Syversen was CEO of MøllerGruppen between 2003 and 2016.

- We have hired recruitment firm Delphi Consulting to assist with the appointment of a new managing director of the car dealership division, and both internal and external candidates will be considered, says Terje Male.

Male himself will act as head of the Møller Bil retail division until the new organisational structure is in place.

Heightened focus on the used car segment
The second-hand car market is strategically important to MøllerGruppen. The company sold more than 28,000 used cars in 2016 and expects to see significant growth as consumers increasingly shift from ownership to leasing. MøllerGruppen has already opened several used car centres in the biggest cities and has plans for more.

Tore Nilsen Breen (53) has been appointed Programme Director for the used car division and will be responsible for growing Møller Bil’s used car operations in all five countries. Breen has held several key management roles in MøllerGruppen since he joined in 1988. In the last couple of years he has served as chairman of several Møller Bil dealerships.

- We are very pleased to have such an experienced leader to further develop our used car business. Tore Nilsen Breen and Kjell Korsgård will be in charge of the second-hand segment for all our dealerships. We expect to see considerable synergies and knowledge-sharing across the five countries, says Terje Male.

Executives to be given new tasks

Many MøllerGruppen managers will be given new areas of responsibility. The changes are in line with the Group's desire to create an increasingly flexible and dynamic organization, for example by regularly ascribing new tasks to managers.

Knut Espen (58) has been appointed Programme Director for the property and business development division in Møller Bil’s new retail organisation. Espen has worked for MøllerGruppen since 1983 and has held several key roles with importer Harald A. Møller and Møller Bil Norge.

Marius Misfjord (42) has been appointed Programme Director for Aftersales Services at Møller Bil. Misfjord has held several key management roles at MøllerGruppen since joining importer Harald A. Møller AS in 2004.

Joachim Wahlstrøm (37) has been appointed Marketing Director at Møller Bil and will be in charge of all marketing for Møller Bil’s 68 dealerships. He has been Marketing Director at Møller Bil Norge for the past year.

Håkon Fergestad (40) has been appointed General Manager of Møller Bil Oslo Vest for Volkswagen and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, while Trude Faye Lund (51) has been appointed General Manager of Møller Bil Oslo Vest for Audi.

-Having a single management team for Møller Bil Oslo Vest was the right thing to do while setting up the Møller Bil dealership at Lilleaker. Kennet Snarli has done an excellent job at Møller Bil Oslo Vest, and we are very pleased that he has accepted the challenge of becoming Møller Bil’s Regional Director.  Møller Bil Oslo Vest is one of Norway’s largest car dealerships, and the time has come to split responsibility for Volkswagen and Audi between two general managers, says Terje Male.

Håkon Fergestad joined MøllerGruppen in 2004, and he has been in charge of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles at importer Harald A. Møller since 2013. True Faye Lund has been Marketing Director for Volkswagen at Møller Bil Romerike since 2012.

Marte Johanne Helleland (37) has served as General Manager of Møller Bil Sandefjord for the past five years. She will be taking up the role of General Manager of Møller Bil Tønsberg. Helleland has been working for MøllerGruppen since 2005.

Elin Sinervo (35) has been appointed Director of Aftersales Services at Harald A. Møller AS, thus taking charge of the importer’s largest business unit. For the last two years she has been Sales Director for Parts and Accessories, and she has previously held a number of management positions since joining MøllerGruppen in 2008.

Håkon Wirak (49) has been appointed Managing Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the import division. He has several years’ experience in the car industry and moves to his new role from the position of Sales Director for Volkswagen at importer Harald A. Møller.

-Management mobility is a long-standing practice at MøllerGruppen, and we are particularly happy to see movement between the retail and import arms of the company. Once again we have been able to promote several internal candidates and also appoint a number of talented female leaders to key positions, says MøllerGruppen CEO, Terje Male.

The process of finding new general managers for Møller Bil Sandefjord and Møller Bil Trondheim is underway, and both internal and external candidates will be considered.

After a long career and several management roles at MøllerGruppen, Erik Staavi (64) has chosen to leave the company. In the last years he has served as Chairman of several Møller Bil dealerships.

-The new management structure for our dealerships means there will be changes to the way in which the role of chairman is organized at the various dealerships. We would have appreciated to have Erik Staavi with us for the remainder of his career, but we have been unable to find the right platform for his continued involvement, and we accept his decision to step down. We should like to thank Erik for his dedication and hard work over the years, says MøllerGruppen CEO, Terje Male.



MøllerGruppen appoints new executives

Several senior executives of MøllerGruppen will receive new responsibilities from 1 January, 2017. The changes are set in motion by the appointment of Terje Male as new Group CEO. Mr Male will assume his new position from the new year.

Ulf Tore Hekneby (age 46) is appointed new CEO of Harald A. Møller AS, the Norwegian auto importer. Mr Hekneby has for the last five years been Vice President for Volkswagen with the Norwegian importer. He has previously held a number of executive positions with the Group, both in import and retail.

Kai Robert Solheim (age 55) takes over as Brand Manager for Volkswagen at Harald A. Møller AS. Mr Solheim has been VP for Skoda the last three years and has previously been CEO of the auto retail chain Møller Bil as well as General Manager at retailers and VP for Audi as well as Volkswagen Utility Vehicles with the importer.

Thomas Meiner (age 34) is appointed new Brand Manager for Skoda at Harald A. Møller AS. Mr Meiner has for the last three years been General Manager at retailer Albjerk Auto and has previously served as Marketing Manager for Audi at one of Norway’s largest dealerships.

“I look forward to receiving the main responsibility for further developing Norway’s leading auto importer. More than every fourth new car in Norway is imported by Harald A. Møller. The car industry is facing significant changes, and my ambition is to maintain and strengthen our number one position,” Ulf Tore Hekneby says.

At the same time as Harald A. Møller AS on 1 January gets a new chief executive, the total responsibility for the Group’s entire import business in Norway and the Baltic region is placed with Harald A. Møller AS’s management. Tom Nordby will continue to lead the Baltic company Møller Baltic Import and will become part of Harald A. Møller AS’s executive team.

“We see a huge potential in improved coordination and exchange of experience between our import companies. However, they will remain local companies well embedded in their respective markets," incoming Group CEO, Terje Male, says.

"The auto industry faces three major trends occurring simultaneously: A deep technology shift, the digitalization of business and the shift towards the new sharing economy. MøllerGruppen’s ambition is to maintain its leadership position also with regards to these developments," Terje Male concludes.


Pål Syversen steps down as CEO of MøllerGruppen

Pål Syversen (age 60) has notified MøllerGruppen’s Board of Directors that he intends to step down as the Group’s CEO. Mr Syversen has been an employee of MøllerGruppen for more than 30 years, the last 13 years as CEO.

“When one has been CEO for 13 years, and has passed the age of 60, it is sensible to consider the course going forward. Hopefully, I will still have several active years ahead of me, and the time to do something different is now. And it is with a strong sense of satisfaction that I can hand over the helm after a fantastic journey and our best years ever,” Pål Syversen said.

Under Pål Syversen’s leadership, the number of cars sold have almost tripled, revenues have quadrupled and profits have increased more than six fold since he took office in 2003. In this period, the Company has expanded into Sweden and made several acquisitions in the Baltic countries. Today, MøllerGruppen is the largest car organization in the Nordic region, with more than 4,000 employees in five countries.

“MøllerGruppen is a fantastic group of people who not only deliver incredible results, but who also represents a great family where we share a common concern for each other and the customers. That is why I have gone to work with great pleasure every morning for more than 30 years. I have only the best of feelings when I now move on to other duties for MøllerGruppen and the owner families,” Pål Syversen said.

“Pål Syversen has over a period of 13 years been a highly professional CEO who has delivered strong results on all levels. Not only financially, but also in important areas such as people and organizational development, the creation of new services, international expansion and constant improvement of customer satisfaction. The Board regrets his desire to step down, while we also express immense recognition for a job well done,” said MøllerGruppen’s Chairman Harald Møller.

“We would like to benefit from Pål Syversen’s expertise and insight also after he has stepped down as CEO. He will therefore take up a position as Director and a resource to the Board and his successor. The details of his new duties will be determined during the next half year,” Harald Møller said.

Pål Syversen will remain CEO until the end of the year. The recruitment firm Delphi Consulting has been retained to support MøllerGruppen in the selection the Group’s new CEO, and will assess both internal and external candidates.

For further information, please contact  Communications Director Paul Hegna, telephone +47 9075 3146 or mail: paul.hegna@moller.no


Record high results for MøllerGruppen

MøllerGruppen, the Norwegian automotive group, achieved its best financial results ever in 2015. The Group experienced improvements in all markets and reinforces its position as the Norwegian leader of the shift to rechargeable cars.

“We are the leading car importer and distributor group in the Nordic-Baltic region, and the development during 2015 was especially positive for our activities outside Norway. More than 25 per cent of the revenues are now generated outside our home markets, and the financial results for 2015 confirm that our international expansion is successful. At the same time, MøllerGruppen reached record levels also in Norway,” CEO Pål Syversen said.

MøllerGruppen posted revenues of NOK 24.2 billion in 2015, which is a 17 per cent growth from the previous year. Pre-tax profits ended at NOK 1.1 billion, a 64 per cent increase from 2014.

In Norway, MøllerGruppen’s car brands reached a combined market share of 26.5 per cent, which is at par with the previous record from 2012. Volkswagen became the most sold car brand in Norway for the tenth consecutive year, with a market share of 17.5 per cent for passenger cars and 29.2 per cent for utility vehicles. Volkswagen now has its strongest position in Norway since the beetle was at its height in the 1960’s. Skoda and Audi maintained their market shares of approximately five per cent each.

The Norwegian car import business remains the single largest contributor to MøllerGruppen’s profits, with a pre-tax profit of NOK 589 million last year. The largest result improvement was in the Norwegian retail organization, Møller Bil Norge, who achieved a profit of NOK 417 million up from NOK 125 million in 2014. The subsidiaries in Sweden and the Baltics also saw strong profit improvements. The partly owned subsidiary Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans also experienced improved profitability last year.

2015 was the year when MøllerGruppen assumed leadership in the market of rechargeable cars. In the main market Norway, Volkswagen achieved a more than 40 per cent market share in electric cars, becoming the largest brand in the segment. In the chargeable hybrid car segment, Volkswagen and Audi had a combined market share of more than 48 per cent, making MøllerGruppen the largest vendor also in this segment. The sales development in electric cars and chargeable hybrids was a significant factor in the Group’s strong market position in 2015.

Volkswagen is the key driver in reducing CO2 emissions from the Norwegian vehicle population. The CO2 emissions from new Volkswagen was reduced by 30 per cent in 2015, while the overall reduction in the total market was nine per cent. Average CO2 emission from new Volkswagen passenger cars are down to 67 grams per kilometer, while the average for new cars from other brands were 107 grams per kilometer in 2015. 

“This is a very positive development. When every sixth new passenger car in Norway is a Volkswagen, and the brand has a significantly more favorable environmental profile than the rest of the car market, we do feel that this is an important contribution to climate preservation,” Pål Syversen said.

2015 was also the year when the MøllerGruppen organization faced its most challenging test ever, through the so-called diesel affair. The situation does not seem to have had any adverse effect on Volkswagen’s position in Norway. The brand experienced a sales growth and customer surveys demonstrated that customer satisfaction remain at the same high level as previous years.

“We thank our customers for the loyalty they have shown us. Our dealers and employees have done an impressive job in a difficult situation. We will continue to work hard to solve the situation for the 165,000 Norwegian car owners who are affected. We expect that the situation will be solved to everybody’s satisfaction by the end of the year,” CEO Pål Syversen said.

Car sales in Norway were at the third highest level ever in 2015. The uncertainties facing Norway’s economy make MøllerGruppen forecast a reduced car market in 2016. A moderate slowdown is expected in Sweden throughout the year, while the Baltic markets are expected to a slight increase. The Group does however expect a continued strong market position, due to the shift towards more environmentally favorable cars.


Matthias Müller unveils next steps for the Volkswagen Group

Wolfsburg, October 28, 2015 – Matthias Müller, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, has announced the five key steps to realign the Group. “We have to look beyond the current situation and create the conditions for Volkswagen’s successful further development”, said Müller in Wolfsburg on Wednesday. He presented a five point plan that he intends to use so that Volkswagen remains one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers in the future. Müller is confident that “Volkswagen will emerge from the current situation stronger than before”. He announced that the cornerstones of the Group’s Strategy 2025 will be presented next year.

  • Support for customers top priority   
  • Volkswagen looks beyond current crisis   
  • New strategy to be unveiled in 2016 

The Volkswagen CEO explained that his top priority is to support the customers affected by the diesel issue. “Our customers are at the core of everything that our 600,000 employees worldwide do”, he said. According to Müller, Volkswagen is working intensively to develop effective technical solutions. In contact with the Kraftfahrtbundesamt (KBA – German Federal Motor Transport Authority) the implementation is set to begin in January 2016.

Müller’s second priority is to systematically drive forward and complete the investigation into what happened. “We must uncover the truth and learn from it”, he said, adding that Volkswagen is being extremely thorough in its analysis. For this purpose, audit firm Deloitte has been engaged in addition to the steps already announced. According to Müller, those responsible for what has happened must face severe consequences.

Müller’s third priority is to introduce new structures in the Volkswagen Group. “The key point is that Group management will be decentralized to a greater extent in the future”, he said, with more independence for the brands and regions. Müller stated that the Board of Management will focus on addressing cross-brand strategies, leveraging synergies and ensuring that Group resources are used effectively. “We will review in detail our current portfolio of more than 300 models and examine the contribution that each one makes to our earnings.”

As his fourth priority, Müller is driving forward a realignment of the Group’s culture and management behavior. He noted that the pursuit of perfection, the employees’ commitment and social responsibility in the Volkswagen Group must be retained. However, he believes that changes are necessary in how Volkswagen communicates and how it handles its mistakes. “We need a culture of openness and cooperation.” Müller also called on everybody at Volkswagen to display more courage, greater creativity and a more entrepreneurial spirit in their dealings with one another.

The Volkswagen CEO announced that the fifth priority will be to transform the Group’s Strategy 2018 into a Strategy 2025. “Many people outside of Volkswagen, but also some of us, did not understand that our Strategy 2018 is about much more than production numbers. A lot of things were subordinated to the desire to be “Faster, Higher, Larger”, especially return on sales.” According to Müller, the point is not to sell 100,000 more or fewer vehicles than a major competitor. Instead, the real issue is qualitative growth. Müller announced that the cornerstones of the Group’s Strategy 2025 will be developed over the coming months, and that it would be unveiled mid-way through next year.


Great commitment and a lot of joy

MøllerGruppen has over 600 employees in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The cooperation with SOS Children's Villages creates a lot of commitment and participation from our employees. That makes us proud!

MøllerGruppen is the main sponsor of SOS Children's Villages. The agreement contributes to SOS Children's Villages work for vulnerable children in the three Baltic countries. The contribution from MøllerGruppen goes for two main purposes. Half of the funds will go to children living in children's villages either because they are orphans or because their parents are unable to care for them, while the rest will be used preventively to help families in their communities with housing and various measures to prevent that families disintegrate.

- Our employees contribute with volunteer efforts on selected projects. Moller Auto Baltic has also facilitated so that youths from the SOS Children's Villages can get a summer job and vocational education. 2014 was a very active year, where we, through the important work of SOS Children's Villages, were able to contribute so that many children were helped, says Paul Hegna, Vice President Corporate Communication and CSR.

Here you can read more about what happened in the three countries during 2014:

The main achievement for SOS Children's Villages in Estonia in 2014 in the field of the family based care, was the successful taking over an orphanage, which resides in new family homes. From 2015 they will apply the family based care also in these homes. The organization is now the largest offering these kinds of solutions in Estonia. All in all, 600 children could befit from the SOS Children's Villages work in 2014.

MøllerGruppen employees participated in voluntary work and other activities and a team from the village in Keila, "Keila CV Football Team", will participate in this year's Norway Cup in Oslo.

At the beginning of 2014 there were 159 children getting home and care in one of the four children villages in the country. The Family Strengthening Program takes place at five locations in Latvia and at these places, there were each month about 520 children and youth, and 400 adults from a total of 238 families getting support.

Other measures in 2014:
• MøllerGruppen has the last years sent a truck full of clothes from its headquarter at Frysja, shoes, toys and other articles to children and families in Valmiere and Islice.
• 76 children from the villages have participated in the Riga Marathon together with employees from Møller Auto.
• Several activities have been carried out together with employees from MøllerGruppen, including a surprising birthday celebration for a little boy in a disadvantaged family. Children from SOS Children's Villages have also been invited to different customer events by Møller Auto.

In Lithuania there were 294 children and 118 families who received support from SOS Children's Villages. In the summer camp "Summer Camp Karkle", arranged by SOS Children's Villages,  689 children and 476 adults got a very nice stay. The children came from different foster homes in Lithuania and there were also 12 youths from SOS Children's Villages who worked at the summer camp, and in that way gained important work experience.

Under the MøllerGruppen auspices children and youth were on a visit at our dealer in Vilnius and got insight in the different parts of the business, followed by a pleasant picnic. There has also been carried out voluntary work in the children's villages where children and youth and employees from Møller Auto have cooperated.

Youth from SOS Children's Villages have also got the opportunity the get summer jobs at Møller Auto. By such an activity they have acquired important experiences about job choices, gained motivation to do it well at school, experienced to be a full member of a team and also got the opportunity to learn and understand how it is to get paid and pay taxes.

MøllerGruppen has also made cars available for SOS Children's Villages.

- We truly feel that we, through the important work from SOS Children's Villages, are contributing to give children and youth a safer and better everyday life. That so many of our employees are doing voluntary work is contributing to building a good company culture and proud employees, Paul Hegna says.



Strong progress for MøllerGruppen

MøllerGruppen, the Norwegian automotive importer and retail group, posted sales of NOK 20.6 billion in 2014, a nine per cent sales growth from the previous year. The increase was mainly driven by higher passenger car sales in all of the Group’s markets.

(PRESS RELEASE – MøllerGruppen’s financial results 2014)
«We have never previously sold as many cars as we did in 2014. Last year we imported 53,887 cars into our markets and sold 40,938 cars through our own retailers,” MøllerGruppen CEO Pål Syversen says.

While the total market for new passenger cars grew by one per cent in MøllerGruppen’s Norwegian home market, the Group increased its Norwegian passenger car sales by nearly eight per cent. The Group’s three car brands, Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi, together represented more than 25 per cent of the total new car market in Norway in 2014. MøllerGruppen saw growing sales numbers also in Sweden and the Baltics.

The Group’s pre-tax profit for last year ended at NOK 671 million. This is NOK 30 million below the previous year’s results. However, 2014 results included non-recurring costs and balance sheet impairments totaling NOK 174 million. These items were mainly related to the relocation of MøllerGruppen’s car dealer in Western Oslo and changes in the Group’s pension scheme. Adjusted for these items, the Group’s 2014 financial result is among the best ever.

«The strong financial result is caused by a general market growth, the fact that we have improved our market shares, and increased service market sales at our retailers,” CEO Pål Syversen comments.

The Norwegian importer, Harald A. Møller, was the main contributor to the Group’s financial result. The company posted a pre-tax profit of NOK 527 million, an increase from the previous year’s profit of NOK 455 million.

Møller Bil Norge, which is the company’s Norwegian retail chain, improved its pre-tax profit from NOK 124 million to NOK 230 million last year.

Over the last few years, MøllerGruppen has expanded its activities in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden. MøllerGruppen represents the Volkswagen Group’s brands also in these markets. In 2014, nearly a quarter of MøllerGruppen’s total revenues were generated outside Norway.

The retail company Møller Bil Sverige has had a very positive development and got last year a profit before tax of NOK 36 million last year.

The Group’s operations in the Baltics had a combined pre-tax profit of NOK 30 million, which is slightly less than the 2013 profit of NOK 33 million. Even though the number of cars sold increased in 2014, the reduced result was caused by increased margin pressure in these markets.

The financing company Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans had its best year ever last year, and posted a pre-tax profit of NOK 205 million, which is an increase from the previous year’s NOK 188 million. MøllerGruppen holds 49 per cent of the shares in the financing company.

«2014 was the year when MøllerGruppen assumed leadership also in the Norwegian market for electric cars. Following the successful introductions of e-Golf and e-Up!, these models combined managed to take nearly a 28 per cent market share in Norway’s chargeable car market,” Pål Syversen says.

“We are also highly satisfied with the results of our long term efforts to improve customer satisfaction. We have never before had more satisfied customers than today. All achievements seen together, 2014 stands out as the best year in the Group’s 78 year long history,” Pål Syversen says.

MøllerGruppen forecasts a moderate reduction in the Norwegian new car market in 2015, caused by the reduced oil price and the uncertainties now facing the Norwegian economy. For Sweden and the Baltics, the Group expects a more stable market development. However, the Group’s car brands will introduce several new models in 2015, expected to secure the strong market position going forward.

Paul Hegna
Vice President Corporate Communication and CSR
Frysjaveien 31b | Tlf: + 47 24 03 33 00
Postboks 6671 Etterstad | Dir: +47 24 03 33 31
N-0609 Oslo | Mob: +47 90 75 31 46


Manager rotation in MøllerGruppen

Tom Chr. Nordby (40) will be new Managing Director of Moller Baltic Import SE - responsible for MøllerGruppen’s import business in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Several leaders and managers in MøllerGruppen are now getting new positions and responsibilities in the company. The changes are taking place according to the ambition to create an increasingly powerful and dynamic organization, and this includes giving the managers in the company new tasks and challenges.
MøllerGruppen has a viable tradition in developing leaders. An important part of this is to give managers regularly new challenges through manager mobility in the organization.
Tom Chr. Nordby (40) will be new Managing Director of Moller Baltic Import SE, responsible for MøllerGruppen’s import business in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (Moller Baltic Import SE).
Tom Chr. Nordby will be replacing Tore Nilsen Breen, who after three years as head of the import business in the Baltics, is moving back to Norway. This change will come into effect as of 2nd of March, 2015.
Tom Chr. Nordby has a very broad background from the car business, latest as Managing Director for Møller Bil Tønsberg, a position he has had for the last five years. He started in MøllerGruppen in 1999 as a technician at Møller Bil Ensjø, and has had several major positions both with the importer and with the dealer.
- Tore Nilsen Breen has performed very well as head of our import business in the Baltics the last three years and I am proud that we have found a successor within our own organization, CEO Pål Syversen says.

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