Car financing

Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans meets its customers' car needs by offering attractive financing and car-related services.

Our financing solutions are just as flexible as our fleet is versatile. Whether you are buying a new or used car, you can choose to borrow up to 100 percent of the purchase price from Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans.

An alternative to a car loan for private consumers is a lease. You lease a car from us for three years and always drive a brand new and safe car. This makes car maintenance simpler and less of a worry. If you are a corporate customer, we offer different products related to both loans and leasing.


If you purchase a new or used car, Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans, through its partners IF and Enter, can offer you insurance alternatives that are specially designed for the make of the car that you choose.

Volkswagen Insurance, Audi Insurance and Skoda Insurance are available at all dealers.

Service and maintenance

Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans offers service and maintenance agreements, which are a good insurance against increased service costs.

Instead of paying every time maintenance work is carried out, these costs are included in the monthly fees. This means that the customer always has control over his/her service costs.