Harald A. Møller AS is Norway’s largest car importer and since it was founded it has imported more than one million cars for Norwegian customers. Our four brands, Volkswagen cars, Volkswagen commercial vehicles, Audi and Škoda, all hold very solid market positions in the Norwegian market.

The car market in 2015 finished with the sale of 150 686. That is 4,5 per cent higher than in 2014. Harald A. Møller AS imported more than one-fourth of the new cars in the Norwegian market in 2015. In total, 33 254 commercial vehicles were registered in Norway, which is a increase of 12,3 per cent compared to 2014. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles was strong in this market and registered 9 716 cars, which gives a market share to 29,2 per cent in 2015.

Norway’s largest car importer
In 2015, 183 940 new cars and commercial vehicles were registered in Norway. In total,
50 240 cars were imported by Harald A. Møller AS (passenger & commercial), representing a share of 27,3 per cent. This makes Harald A. Møller AS Norway’s largest car importer.  

Volkswagen - the largest car brand in Norway
Volkswagen was the most sold car in Norway in 2015 for the tenth year in a row and Volkswagen Golf was by far the most popular model in Norway. In 2015, 16 388 new Volkswagen Golfs were sold. Included in this figure there were 8 943 e-Golf and 2 029 Golf GTE/plug in hybrids. Volkswagen sold 26 344 cars, SKODA sold 7 490 and Audi 6 690 cars in 2014. Škoda was the 8th largest brand, while Audi became the 10th.

Also largest at electric cars
The market for electric cars has, in only two years, developed from being a niche market to be a considerable part of the new car market. MøllerGruppen has set as ambition to be the leading company also at chargeable cars, and in 2013 we launched Volkswagen e-up!. In 2014 we launched Volkswagen e-Golf, the electric version of the best seller Golf. This car was very well recieved in the market. 

2015 was the year when Møllergruppen became the clear leader in the rechargeable technology shift and Volkswagen gained more than 40 per cent market share in electrical cars. The brand is thus the largest in the segment. Within rechargeable hybrid cars Volkswagen og Audi got an overall market share of over 48 percent, and MøllerGruppen brands are thus biggest also in this segment. The sales performance within electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrids was a significant factor in the strengthened market position for The Group in 2015.

Harald A. Møller AS imports to dealers all over the country
The cars Harald A. Møller AS imports are sold via a nation-wide dealer network that consists of many privately-owned dealers as well as dealers owned by Møller Bil. The dealer network consists of 32 Audi dealers, 71 Volkswagen dealers and 42 Škoda dealers. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles distributes to 69 dealers.

ISO 14001
Harald A. Møller AS became certified in December 2011 in accordance with the environmental management system, ISO 14001. The certification formalizes our environmental commitment and obligates us to take a greater responsibility for the environment and implement measures that can contribute to reducing our operations’ total impact on the environment. 

The ISO 14001 standard requires that we map all aspects of our environmental impact and implement measures to improve the procedures for prioritized areas. ISO 14001 establishes a precautionary practice for our impact on the environment. Continuous improvement and compliance with the regulations are important cornerstones for ISO 14001. The certification is conducted by an independent third party (TÜV).

We are proud of our initiatives for the climate and that environmental consideration is an important part of our core values. “Considerate” means that we should take good care of and show consideration for other people and the environment. With help from our committed colleagues, we will make environmentally friendly choices and raise our own awareness and that of our partners, our customers and our guests to be environmentally conscious.  

Extensive logistics and IKT
Møller IKT develops and operates MøllerGruppen’s integrated computer solutions and has more than 4,200 user accounts. Møller Logistikk carries out logistics services for Harald A. Møller AS and the Norwegian dealers. The aim is for Møller Logistikk to be the industry’s leader in logistics services, which entails ambitious targets within the areas of quality, productivity, lead times and the environment.  In total, 120 employees are associated with Møller Logistikk.

Baltic states

MøllerGruppen is a significant player on the Baltic car market. Moller Baltic Import imports Audi and Volkswagen into the Baltic countries.

We initiated the import of Audi and Volkswagen into Lithuania in 1997. Starting in 2002, MøllerGruppen also took over the responsibility for importing Audi into Latvia, and as of 2005 it obtained the import rights for Volkswagen in Latvia and Estonia. Our market share clearly indicates that we are a central player on the Baltic market. 

Operations and market shares
Volkswagen and Audi are both well established brands. In 2016, Volkswagen cars had a market share of 11,2 (12,) percent, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles 13,4 (15,8) percent. During the same period, Audi had a market share of 2.1 percent (Latvia & Lithuania).

The Baltic states were hit hard by the financial crisis, but Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia has experienced a considerable, positive economic growth since 2011, according to Statistisk Sentralbyrå in Norway. The total market for 2016 was 59 638 (51 870) new cars.