Four in Møller

Get to know four committed, motivated and dedicated Møller employees, each of whom is making a solid contribution to the Group in his/her own way.

Being an employee of MøllerGruppen means opportunities for self-development, whether as a manager or specialist.


"I got my first car when I was 6-7 years old. Of course I wasn't allowed to drive, but that is when i started fixing cars.

I started as a mechanic at Møller Bil Kalbakken. Three years later I came here, to Møller Bil Ensjø. I started as a technician. Today I am the technical manager. I basically do the same thing – fix cars. But if one of the other mechanics gets stuck or if customers come with a problem, it is my responsibility to find a solution.

I love my job. I am inspired primarily by my interest in cars and technology. I think it is fun to be good at what I do. I have taken many training courses and will continue to do so. If we are to be the best, we have to always stay up-to-date. In this industry something new is happening all the time: new models, new technology and new systems. I am now the first person in the country to be an Audi R8 technician. MøllerGruppen inspires and motivates me to personal and professional development.

Arnt Emil

"I start the day by taking a walk around, talking to colleagues and conciously trying to contribute to creating a good atmosphere".

I started at MøllerGruppen in 1999 and after about five years of practice I became a trained auto mechanic. Today I am Service Market Manager at Møller Bil Stavanger. I am obviously interested in cars, but I am equally interested in people. I have been lucky. I had a manager at an early stage who saw something in me, which opened doors for me.

I am inspired in my work as a service market manager by committed employees and the possibility of creating results with them. It is important to see people's skills and competence, and it should be possible for everyone to voice their opinion. Mutual respect is an important key word. The culture at MøllerGruppen means a lot to me. We are well taken care of and there are good possibilities for development internally.


"My goal is zero errors in 2015 as well".

Møller Logistikk Skedsmo is one of the best warehouses in Europe and I think it is important to help us keep this position. In twelve years I have made one mistake, but I still do not really agree that it was a mistake. Picking the right parts and getting them to the dealers quickly is very important. The wrong parts mean dissatisfied customers. It is my responsibility to make sure this does not happen.

I really enjoy my job at the warehouse. After twelve years in this position I still see possibilities, and in 2015 I will continue to be among those who work the fastest but also make no mistakes.


"There are many advantages to a large company like Mølller. The possibility for individual growth and development is one".

I have a Master's in Economics and started at MøllerGruppen in 2002 as a Business Management consultant. After three years, I became the manager of dealer development, and in the fall of 2007 a position opened up as the manager of the Audi importer in the Baltics. This job became a crossroads for me. I had some management experience, and I had participated in the management trainee program at MøllerGruppen. Nevertheless it was a big leap, from which I have learned a lot, in the positive sense. I am now working as the Service Market Director at the importer, Harald A. Møller AS.

There are many advantages to a large company like Møller. Possibilities for growth and development are one example – this inspires me from a job perspective. Other important sources of inspiration are interesting, demanding and enjoyable tasks and working with talented people. I like "working in teams" to achieve good results.