With nearly 200 apprentices, Møller Bil offers one of the largest apprenticeship programs for motor vehicles in Norway. Here you can receive training to become a car mechanic, panel beater, paint sprayer and car parts employee.

Through the Møller Bil School, which is the chain’s in-house training center for motor vehicles, we have tailored the apprentice program to our organization and our brands. An extensive curriculum that consists of 20 days of theory, online courses and practical assignments and tests gives the apprentice ongoing follow-up and development during the entire program.

Apprenticeships across the entire country
All of Møller Bil’s dealers are approved apprentice companies and offer apprenticeships.

Varied teaching
The program is based on self-studies, online courses and classroom lectures with hands-on experience in the workshop. The goal of the program is to give the apprentice solid basic skills within the use of test machines and IT tools, basic technology and work methods before taking the examination.

Good possibilities to follow their development
Placement at one of Møller Bil’s dealers means access to the newest equipment and possibilities for following changes in an industry that undergoes rapid technological development. Apprentices who at the end of their apprenticeship have passed the basic training are offered training in electronics and engines by Harald A. Møller’s Service School in Skedsmo. This school has its own apprentice program for mechanic and panel beater apprentices.

Apply for an apprenticeship at your local Møller Bil dealer.

Møller Bil School

In the fall of 2008 the first apprentices started their training at the Møller Bil School. This year 71 students will receive their certificate. The best are offered permanent jobs at Møller Bil after passing the qualifying examination.

Today, the normal course for vocational training is two years of high school, VG1 and VG2. The final year, VG3, is completed at a company over a two-year period (apprenticeship).

What is the Møller Bil School?
An apprentice contract is normally for 24 months. During this time, the apprentice will combine the theory he or she learned during the two years of high school with practical knowledge in order to pass the qualifying examination and thereby become a tradesman. In our experience, most need to repeat and learn some of the information in the theory lectures. As a result, we have set up a teaching curriculum throughout the VG3 period (apprenticeship) that includes both class lectures and online courses. This allows apprentices at Møller Bil to get a thorough repetition of VG2 information combined with relevant theory for the specialization the apprentice has chosen.

Why choose us?
We are seeing that Møller Bil's systems and process are becoming so complex that we wanted to set up the apprenticeship program to take into consideration our procedures and values. In our program you are guaranteed to work with the newest technology and equipment that are used on maintenance and diagnosis for cars that are technological leaders in areas such as safety and the environment.

What is our main focus?
Our main focus is keeping the apprenticeship at Møller Bil is just that - a time when the focus is on learning in organized forms. Normally, most apprentices will receive an offer for a permanent position after finishing their apprenticeship and receiving their certification. Therefore, it is in our best interest that when you have finished your apprenticeship you have been given a good platform for learning and a good basis on which to develop as a tradesman at Norway's largest car chain.

Contact us
The head of Møller Bil School is Caspar Hille. He has a technical background and has been with the Group since 1980, with the exception of the years 2001 to 2008 when he ran his own workshop in Billingstad. Send an e-mail to Caspar at if you would like more information about the school.

The service school

The Møller Service School at Skedsmo consists of a total of 3,318 m2 and seven workshops with the most modern equipment as well as classrooms. The goal is to deliver 6,500 training days a year.

It is important that the organization has the right skills for taking care of our customers’ cars. The Service School is our internal school that safeguards the need to update and continue to train mechanics, technicians and panel beaters for all of our dealers. In addition, we provide technological training for our customer service agents and sellers.

Large capacity
All of the employees in the dealer apparatus are trained and updated on a regular basis about the technology in all of our models. Over the course of one year, more than 1,000 employees have attended one of our courses.

The Service School has eight talented instructors. It runs 40 fixed training modules that are 2-4 days in length. In addition, training is provided on new models and changes to models from our manufacturers. The basic training course, which is divided into three modules and consists of a total of around 1,600 training days per year, is the mandatory “entrance” to all of our training modules for new employees and apprentices.

The rooms are bright and modern. Here there is plenty of light, plenty of space and plenty of modern tools - all adapted for effective learning. The Service School is in the same building as our main warehouse.

The Service School originated at the start of the 1950s as “Volkswagen Service School”. Back then we only provided training in the Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen Transporter. Today, the Service School is responsible for all technological training for all of the Audi, Škoda, Volkswagen cars and Volkswagen commercial vehicle models that are imported into Norway.